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Award-winning Parenting Book Uses Native American Concepts to Transform Your Relationship with Your Child

The Parenting Book that Will Deepen and Sweeten Your Relationship with Your Child.

Keepers of the Children uses little known Native American concepts and teaching stories to show parents how to raise children to unfold the gifts within their hearts.

Keepers Of The Children: Native American Wisdom and Parenting book
Author Laura Ramirez and her husband Larry (of the Pascua Yaqui tribe) and their two children, Dakotah and Colt.

In Keepers of the Children: Native American Wisdom and Parenting, you will learn:

  • How to encourage your children's uniqueness and set them upon the path of purpose from the start.
  • How to teach your children to act from integrity and strength.
  • The true meaning of discipline: How to teach your children to make life-affirming choices on their own.
  • How to use nature to teach your children the basics of psychology so they will avoid the traps of peer pressure and those who intend to do them harm.
  • All about child development and your development as a parent.
  • How parenting is a path of personal growth for child and parent.
  • How to create a lifelong, mutually fulfilling relationship with your child.

Keepers of the Children is the winner of the Nautilus Award which honors books that promote conscious living and social change. It has also won NCPA's Gold Meddal Book award, Best Non-Fiction "How-To" and Best First Book. It has been a finalist in numerous other contests.

Keepers Of The Children: Native American Wisdom and Parenting book

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Add the Keepers of the Children Companion E-Workbook Journal to your order and make the concepts in the book a part of your practice of parenting.

Here are recommendations from people who have read the book:

"This book will not only benefit children, but parents and grandparents as well. I've gotten direction from the book's wisdom that I will be able to draw from in relating to my grandchildren, especially Cameron, my three-year old grandson."--Bruce Ann Yellowega, Peoria, AZ.

"As a father of three boys (ages 11, 9 & 7), I have often struggled with the best approach for raising my sons. This book not only contains insights in my quest to raise productive boys in our society, but also insights for me to live my life better . . . Even if you're not a parent, I implore you to read this book to gain insights into a process that will help people overcome their past and become adults."--D.Ingram, Reno, NV.

It's one of the best parenting books I've ever read!

"I'm impressed and delighted by the wisdom in this book. The author gives a lot of practical information on how we can raise our children with vision, honor their uniqueness and true nature and create a parent-child bond that will be the greatest gift a child could have. The chapter on discipline is exceptionally valuable. Another thing this book provides is the understanding that parenting is indeed a path of self-growth. Laura Ramirez truly gets the point across that parenting is as much about guiding the unfolding of a child's sense of self as it is about our own. I can honestly say that it's one of the best parenting books I've ever read (and I've read a lot of them!)--Jane Sheppard of Healthy Child Online, Santa Rosa, CA.

"This is much more than a 'training manual' for the aspiring parent. It's a deeply spiritual book that explores important issues of human nature and development that transcends both Native American and western cultures. It will appeal to parents of all races and creeds who desire to expand their abilities beyond the mere mechanics of 'child management' to the attainment of true parenting success."

"Laura Ramirez writes knowledgeably and with passion about the necessity of having a clear vision for our children and of understanding the sacred nature of our part in their lives; of the importance of honouring our children as unique individuals and of constantly promoting their wellbeing and development even as we work on ourselves to become the best role models for them that we can be."

"This book, once read, can be referred to again and again for good ideas, for comfort and support, for hope and inspiration. Virtually every page is a reminder of something we can do as parents to make the world a better place for our children and for ourselves and others."

"A work of meaning with its heart very much in the right place, Keepers of the Children is a very welcome addition to my personal library of parenting books and I'm sure it would be to yours, too. Buy yourself a copy and join Laura in her mission: to raise a generation of children who use their strengths to create a sense of belonging, meaning and contribution. "Such children will grow up to be adults who are lights unto our world."--Bob Collier, Parental Intelligence, Canberra, Australia

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Add the Keepers of the Children Companion E-Workbook Journal to your order and make the concepts in the book a part of your practice of parenting. Don't make the mistake that many readers make by merely underlining the important concepts in the book. Buy the workbook, do the exercises and let them transform your relationship with your child.